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Another Saturday Night....

....And I Ain't Got Nobody.  :( 

So I didn't go to the wedding.  The people in my pool made that decision pretty easy for me.  It was the All-Star Race and no points were actually involved for the racers but we do bonus opportunities during this race and I hadn't received everyone's numbers yet.   I had set it all up to be perfect assuming the wedding was in the afternoon and it would give me enough time to get home and get out the E-mail to everyone.  Well instead the race and the rules AI set up made me miss the wedding for a teacher at my Mom's school. 

So it is just me and my dad for dinner and we decide to try {izza Hut's new Alfredo Tuscan Pasta or whatever the call the darn thing.  The price was right and it came with breadsticks.  Well when it came and I took a bite I realized that even though the sauce was alfredo based it was still spiced with something that burned my tongue (probably pepper).  Backing up for a moment.  I was born with no sense of smell so my sense of taste is screwy.  Spices like Pepper have no taste to me it just burns and that is painful.    So to make a long story short all I had for dinner tonight was garlic breadsticks.  Nice!  LOL  And of course it all gets worse when Mom comes home and talks about how awesome and beautiful the wedding was and how great the food spread was.  I am now starving and it is really too late to eat anything.  Gah!

So another lonely Saturday night has passed into antiquity.  If you don't know me too well you might not understand but I can't tell you the last time I actually went out on a Saturday night to do something fun that wasn't related to the family NASCAR pool or a family obligation.  It's quite sad really but there is little I can do about it without being an inconvenience to someone.  But don't feel bad for me.  I'll feel better in the morning...I always do.  Every brand new day is a true blessing from God in my eyes considering that I was not supposed to live more than six weeks and be a vegetable if I did happen to live longer than that. 

Good night my friends.  Here's to a good night and an Great big Beautiful Tomorrow        


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May. 18th, 2008 01:48 pm (UTC)
I went through similarly lonely Saturday nights before I met Tom - actually, mostly, during the time after college when I lived with my parents to save money to move to LA, and the year or so after while I was getting acquainted with LA (but had few friends.)

Thanks for sharing more about your condition - I have seen you allude to it on LoT but had always wondered what it entailed. I don't know all of the details, but are you able to drive? Family is important, but so are you... maybe there's a meetup.com group or two in your area, or maybe there's a bowling league you could join or some other, similar thing? I found that it was important to get out of the house by myself while I was living with my parents. They're wonderful people but I longed for time to socialize with my peers and so on.

(Also, if you're lonely for someone of the feminine persuasion, I recommend internet dating sites. Tom and I met on a pretty specific one (for plus-sized people) and there area all kinds of different specific kinds of sites. It took both of us many different frogs kissed before we found each other, but because we finally DID find each other, we highly recommend it.)
May. 21st, 2008 01:36 am (UTC)
(Note I don't think you saw this cause I replied to myself instead of you in the thread)

To answer your question, I cannot drive. You wouldn't want me on the road. I can see some but I can't see well enough to drive safely. Trust me if I could drive I wouldn't be hanging around at home onm the weekends and my entire lifestyle would change.

Meetup is great! We used their network for the grassroots effort for Huckabee. At its height we had the 2nd highest amount of local groups for a Presidential campaign (behind Ron Paul).

Internet dating sounds nice. The only way I'd do it though is if it was on a local level. I need to have in-person contact. Anything else just doesn't feel right. I've already tried long distance and it felt wrong without actually meeting the girl in person.

Hope the Indy viewing party goes great. Especially for your benefit I will write my next post on my condition so you and my other friends will know all the details. I know you are very interested in them.
May. 26th, 2008 06:48 am (UTC)
I understand why you'd want to have non-family activities once in a while- what do you like? Anything in walking distance or bus distance from your house? Getting out, making new friends, doing something fun, can definitely reduce some stress and feel pretty good.
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