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So What's Up With This BDBopper Guy?

In a reply to my last post, lspooreeyorick Noted that she was interested in knowing more about my story.  I would be more than happy to explain as I am sure there are others that "don't quite get me" if you will.  So here goes. 

First of all one of the most common questions I get is "What does your screen name, BDBopper, mean?"  The letters B & D are my first and last initials.  My actual name is Brian Donegan.  Bopper is short for the Big Bopper aka JP Richardson. 

Ok now on with the story.  I was born September 19th, 1982 at 5:44 PM.  I was three weeks late but that was the least of my problems.  I was born "physically challenged"so much so that after a few days at the hospital I was born at I was transported to Egleston Children's Hospital in Atlanta.  The doctors and nurses tested me for every known disease and disorder known to them at the time.  While nothing came out positive I was "blessed" (yes blessed) with many various birth defects - the most prevalent being born visually impaired.  In addition I was born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate.  Also I was born with no nose - All I had was a hole where it should be (the nose I have today was constructed later).  I have no sense of smell (so my taste buds are somewhat whack).  Some of my fingers don't have all of their joints.  And I was born with a petuitary dysfunction which doesn't allow my body to pruduce very much testosterone. 

The doctors told my parents that I would not live six weeks on this Earth.  However if I was lucky enough I would be in a vegetative state.  Some Vegetable I turned out to be!  After poking and prodding me all they could I was allowed to come home a month after I was born.  Almost as soon as I did I was baptized on All Saints Sunday at St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church of Tucker, GA. 

So I was born with many defects and I had long odds?  A few weeks after I outlived them I caught pneumonia and was rushed to the Hospital again on November 13th, 1982 (Papa's Birthday).  Soon thereafter my heart began to fail and I turned blue.  Into Intensive Care I went.  On Thanksgiving I was given emergency surgery (the first of 15 times I have been under the knife since) and with the love of my parents, the skill of my doctors and nurses, & the blessings of my Lord Jesus Christ I am still here today as the surgery was a complete success!  I am forever reminded of the true miracle of it as I have a scar under my right hand from where the IV was inserted. 

Even though I have faced many challenges and continue to do so each new day to me is a blessing.  No matter what mood I am in the night before each new morning that I wake up is like opening up a wrapped present on Christmas morning. 

I am sure there are other questions Y'all have for me so ask away I'll answer them in my next post.    


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May. 26th, 2008 06:58 am (UTC)
You're sure beating the odds! Thank you for explaining; I'm not sure what difference it makes, as far as being your friend, but it is nice for some reason, to know your history.
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