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How's things?

Hello Gang!

Hope all is well! Haven't written Y'all in awhile so I owe ya one.

First of all you might be wondering how the two weeks as King of The Castle went? Thigns went pretty well. I larned some things.

1. I can cook Other than eggs, I was pretty proud of myself. My forte while my folks were gone was a porkchop and green peas. Yummy! Everything came out well except for the eggs but I realize I didn't stir the mixture enough so I know the next time i do them I'll get it much better. I even made cookies! Not homemade...but the Nestle Refrigerated kind but still that was a pretty big accomplishment for me.

2. I love my independence but I need to actually plan my days instead of go with the flow. I ended up getting much more of what I needed to get done when I had a plan for the day.

I just stuck around the House most days. I did go out to eat a few times with my Great Uncle. I also had the chance to attend a Republican BBQ and an AirShow to help promote the FairTax. All neat experiences.

Wish me luck folks. I've set a modest goal today. My goal is to head out to the West Coast for an extended amount of time to attend Swank Camp and visit Southern California in 2010. 2009 Swank Camp is already planned for April of next year and I already know I can't make it. A man's got to know his limitations, right? Well we'll see if this will end up working out. I sure hope so. I'm getting so gosh darn tired of missing out on all the fun that my online friends have together. I know two years is a long time to wait...but I am sure it will all be worth it.

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