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The Best Laid Plans....

So the last time you heard from me was on Friday.  I told you what my plans were for the weekend.  Well everything got screwed up!  the fundraiser was great...and a complete success.  So I didn't win the TV I wanted but we had fun!  We ended up with a boatload of leftover cookies and tea!  Yay!  :)  

So I get home and take up some cookies upstairs so I can watch some basketball on TV.  The game I was watching ended up being the SEC Tourney game from Atlanta.  I was awaiting Georgia's game which had not started yet.  I had the local radio coverage on and the EAS went off for a Tornado warning for Downtown Atlanta.  then on the TV came the sound of a freight train and the cameras panned to the top of the dome where the girders and cat walks were swinging and the roof was rippling.  Thank God no one was badly hurt, trampled in chaos, or worse killed by a falling scoreboard or something.  A Tornado ripped through downtown and left a path of destruction around the general area of the Georgia Dome.  Meanwhile in my city, Lawrenceville, all we got from this was a little light rain and some thunder.

So of course that night I was glued to the TV and radio most of the night getting the latest developments.  Then on Saturday we had more storms roll through.  We had one short storm come through with hail and high winds but it didn't last five minutes.  After everything came to an end I fell asleep soundly since I didn't really get any Friday night (a storm woke me up almost as soon as I settled in that night and I gave up). 

Long story short I did not and have not made as much progress on my show as I wanted to.  I am still working on it and it will likely air over this weekend.  I'll have all the details for ya.  Don't worry.  

Hope everyonme had a Happy St. Pats!  I did!  :) 

My Badge of Honor

Good morning Y'all! 

You have not heard much out of me lately.  Been taking a small break from the blogging.  So here's an update: 

Well the story of the 2008 Huckabee campaign came to an end as the clock struck Midnight on the biggest Political Cinderella story in years.  Oh duh!  I already told you guys that  LOL  Anyways so now I have closure and I can get to writing that book now in earnest.  It's so much easier to compose something when you know how to begin and where the finish!  So now my main blog is now going through transition.  I took down most of the Huckabee banners and widgets, changed the color of the blog.  I'll eventually change the style too.  It's time for a fresh look. 

That little spring cleaning job is all apart of the "Well now what?" process.  After focusing energy on something for so long it is so hard to get refocused on something else.  Thank goodness I'm not alone.  At least I don't come away from this empty handed.  I have plenty of item that I can eventually sell on ebay for all the political collectors out there.  I should be getting a package of some souvenirs from the folks who traveled to Texas last week (as a thank you for reporting on their efforts for the Huck'sArmy Forum).  I have buttons, shirts, bumper stickers, and a yard sign.  Thanks for playing!  We have some nice parting gifts for you!  LOL 

At least if worse comes to worse and we continue going to Hell in a Handbasket I can proudly display this: 

So what else is new?  Well It is Birthdays-a-go-go this week.  I ordered a gift for my friend Diane (good thing she is not looking).  I had to wait because her hubby was on business in Florida and Diane was checking the mail at his office.  In any regard...it'll be there on time for her big day on Tuesday.  Next up is my friend Eli's Birthday on Saturday and I got to get her Birthday podcast done.  Which will be my first show back on the air after a year of absence

Other than that I will be enjoying all the awesome basketball on TV.  this is my favorite time of year for that with all the teams fighting for the championship in College.  Must See TV for sure!  

Guess I Should Join The Club

There's been a bad cause of THE SUCK going around my friends lately.  Well add me to that club.  Today (Tuesday...it's Wednesday morning as I type since I can't sleep) sucked donkey balls!  It was one big emotional plummit...sort of like Wilie E. Coyote falling off a cliff.

It started when I got up this morning.  My favorite music of all time is DooWop (Rhythm and Blues based vocal group harmony).  I am one of its youngest supporters and enthusiasts.  It's a fading genre as the group members, singers, and fans are dying off at a very fast rate.  The tide did not turn today as one of its most vigorous supporters and ambassadors lost his battle with cancer.  His name was Ronnie I and he was the founder and President of the United In Group Harmony Association.  He founded the organization in 1976 in New Jersye and has done a lot to keep the sounds alive.  I owe people and organizations like that a huge debt because without them I would have never discovered these great sounds considering my young age relative to the time period of the music.  

Unforntunately UGHA was the last active organization of DooWop supporters.  The organizations in Southern California, Pittsburgh, and other locales have all gone the way of most drive in movie theatres.  I really hope and pray this is not the case but Ronnie I had no heir apparent to keep his organization going so he might have take UGHA with him to heaven.  Needless to say this would be a huge loss for my beloved DooWop.  

As if that were not enough for me to swallow tonight marked the end of the line for Mike Huckabee and his presidential campaign. of which I volunteered for and have been emotionally involved in for months now.  I knew the time was coming and that this day would eventually come.  I just didn't want or expect it to come tonight.  Ugh!  

I really wish both of these things were spread out.  I was ready to handle one or the other.  Not both.  I am not in the pit of dispair but I am pretty blue right now.  I didn't even get my exercise in today...I was that lethargic with this going on and the weather being blah.  

I feel like someone's run over me emotionally with a steamroller.  I am going to try and get some sleep and yes the sun will rise tomorrow and the word will continue to spin properly on its axis.  So hopefully tomorrow will bring a better and more happy day.  Hey it can't get any worse than this can it? 

Long Overdue update

Good morning!  

Long time no see, huh?  Well here's what's been going on:

The Sock Hop was nothing short of a complete success!  It was not wityhout its very interesting moment.  so the nice person coming to help me out he forgets to tell me he was bringing a laptop.  and he also did not tell me he wasn't going to bring much music with him...so I burn some CD's.  Well he sets up and we discover that his CD player is malfunctioning.  Ack!  But he pulls out his Laptop.  It's thirty minutes until showtime and I make a suggestion.  We go screaming out of the place and to my house to pick up my external hard drive.  We end up at the Fellowship Hall about 15 minutes late...but we explained why we were leaving.  So we plug in and go...but the stupid laptop doesn't read the hard drive.  Well luckily for us everything I needed was on those CD's and we bought ourselves enough time where I didn't run out of music before the end of the night.  Phew!  I was a little worse for wear for a little while...especially as I was coming down with a sinus infection.  Perserverence won the day!  While not the biggest fundraiser for the Special Needs Schools of Gwinnett, we ended up pulling in about $500 after cost which is much more than usual!  How awesome is that?  

So I am just getting over my sinus infection about a few days ago and I am cleaning and I think a higher power had me find a few certain items.  I found CD-R's of about 100 or so old airchecks from my days back with the DooWop radio station.  So what did I do?  Well my instincts told me to listen.  

Backstory - For five years I was an Internet DJ with a station called the DooWop Café.  I was their youngest active club member and DJ.  I was a very popular because of my age and because of the hard work I put towards my overall presentation on the air there.  Eventually time and age brought things to an end.  The founder of the club was diagnosed with Cancer and became incapacitated (she ended up passing away a few months afterwards).  She was nice and was lax with rules as to what we could and couldn't play.  Enter in the owner of the radio server who wanted to be much more strict  In the five years my musical tastes had expanded past the comfort zone of some of these people and I was verbally beaten to a pulp for trying to make a musical argument on the air that DooWop and 50's music had influenced music that came afterwards.  I was made an example of in front of the staff and it caused a revolt of sorts.  The situation got out of hand quickly (I couldn't control it the repercussions) and following a very heated phone call with the husband of the founder I said "Screw It" and left because all this rigamorall wasn't worth it.  Therefore things came to a sudden and bitter end. 

Two years later I find these airchecks and pictures (the picture you see above is me speaking to them at one of our annaul meetings in 2005...sadly our last since after the founder past away things haven't been the same there) from my five years and nostalgia set in.  After much thought I decided to come out of hiding.  I had no idea if they even wanted to see my face around there anymore.   I am becoming used to taking leaps of faith and after hours of bantering whether I should step my foot inside that place again I did.  Based on what I can see I was missed terribly by several people.  I was welcomed back with open arms based on my initial indications.  You do not realize how good this makes my heart feel after the ordeal that took place.  Will I DJ for them again?  I don't know.  I am not going to push it.  I will participate and listen for a while before even going in that direction. 

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!  Unfortunately the holiday doesn't mean too much to me as a single guy who is lonely and not dating.  :(  So I spent the day going to the store to get my Mom a card, chocolate, and some nice tulips.  After that I watched the Dayona 500 Qualifying races on TV.  We had a nice steak dinner as a family.  

I am busy getting everything ready for the Sock Hop tomorrow night.  Gonna be fun but lots of work as usual.  I know the kids will have a good time and that means a lot to me and is why I do it every year for them.  

Meanwhile it appears 99% likely that I will be able to come on out to Disneyland for my Birthday in September.  It's very interesting.  I could book the airfare now if I wanted...if I could find a way to get to Anaheim from LAX.  Airtran even now has flights from Atlanta to LAX at about $109 one way.  I am not going to find any kind of deal to Orange County for several months.  I am not going to pay $400 round trip if I don't have to.  Thank goodness I have 7 months to plan all this out.  With my special needs it takes me much longer to plan a vacation out since I need to make sure everything is arranged properly. 

And So It Begins

The writing of my book has now begun.  I started this morning.  Since the ending is not really clear (even though the end result is much clearer) I will be writing this off and on for the next several months.  I hope to be finished by June or July.  But I have written down my first official thoughts which might be a Forward or the beginning of Chapter One.  It all depends on how the rest of the book develops. 

Wish me luck! 


Okay so Mike Huckabee wasn't the big winner last night (not was that in any of my expectations going in) BUT he won five states he was given no shot at winning last night, including my own state of Georgia!   We worked so hard here I can't help but feel a great sense of accomplishment! 

I am so glad it is all over!  I can finally take a deep breath and concentrate on my hobbies and other things that I need to do in my life.  There are many things and some people I have neglected during the past few months. 

Ahhhh!  :) 

Standing Up To Be Counted


Since August, February 5th has been circled on my calendar with a big red marker.  I've never been more excited to head to the polls in my entire life!  At this point I don't even care what the results are tonight.  I will stand up and be counted as I cast my vote and stick to my principles.  We've worked hard for Huckabee.  We made over 100,000 calls this week to key states while other campaigns used computerized recorded robocalls (I should know I received them from McCain and Romney and proudly rejected their calls on our Privacy Director!). We've stood out on freezing street corners all across America waving signs.  We've reached the climax day.  We are proud of our candidate and the effort we put forth to get him this far.  Now we stand up and be counted as we head to the polls!

And then it is all over here and I can take a deep breath and relax!  No matter what the outcome is I will be proud and will hold my head up high. 

Da Bopper Is Comin' Back Baby! :)

Good afternoon everyone! 

I am so stoked right now.  As you read in my previous entry my recording was a success.  I am now very comfortable with my voicetracking software and my ability to use it to record a program.  I may not be able to do a live Internet radio program anymore but now I am ready to get back to the airwaves albeit in a recorded fashion.  It's been a long time...about a year.  I am raring to go.  Depending on what happens this weekend I may record my first show and get on the Radio Odyssey schedule again. 

For those of you not in the know I am a veteran of Internet Radio going back to what is practically the beginning of the medium.  I've been doing this since January 2001.  It's been a year since I did my last show and I am ready to get back to it.  So stay tuned gang 


PS:  I did have some help.  I admit it was a little ego stroking.  http://www.radioodyssey.com right now is replaying my old programs and they have been doing so since 8 PM last night (of course they didn't tell me until I tuned in earlier this afternoon.  Not sure how long they will keep playing my stuff but tune in and they might keep playing it.  

Secret Revealed!

Yay!  I can finally reveal the secret project I have been working on.  And it is exciting.  I've been doing some audio voicetracking for someone special.  My friend, morrigoon is having her Birthday today and I wanted to do something special for her as a present So....

I present to you my first Podcast!

Well...not really my first but the first one I have done all by myself.  I think it turned out great.  There are a few places where I could have done a better editing job but it sounds awesome to me!